About Us


Trees R Us is located in the  beautiful panhandle of Northern Idaho and is owned and operated by Tad and Sheila Hansen and Daren Studer. We are currently growing trees on 100+ acres. We have been growing shade, flowering and coniferous trees since 1986. 

Our main objective  is to grow and nurture premium inventory for our customers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our trees. We will do whatever it takes to make sure our trees are stable, lush and well maintained, even in the harsh winter conditions. In the growing of the trees we go above and beyond making sure the trees are planted at the correct depth, properly fertilized, watered, staked, and maintained for pests and diseases. We are meticulous in our pruning as each tree is looked at several times during each growing season and once again in the winter when you can see the scaffold of each tree.


When we dig  we take the care and time to properly package our trees to meet American Nursery Standards. We use efficient and proper digging equipment. Our experienced digging crew have dug well over 100,000 balled and burlapped trees to date.  

 When we ship  we strive for maximum quality for your freight dollar. Each truck is loaded for customers specific needs and satisfaction. We assist and insure that each load is safe and secure before transit.